TLC for kids story: Cathryn & Laura


One day life was normal for Cathryn and Laura’s family, and the next day things changed dramatically, forever.

Cathryn and Laura (6 and 8 years old), were in the car with their much-loved Grandmother, when a terrible, unexpected accident occurred. The girls both sustained severe head and body trauma, which was extremely frightening for not only them, but for their entire family.

Whilst they both survived, they tragically lost their Grandmother, who was a constant support in their little lives.

In situations like this, TLC plays a very important role – being able to be there for the hospitals and staff that identify the need for the emergency support, and being able to provide them with this kind of support when it’s needed the most.

The purpose of the RAPID TLC Program is to be able to offer a personalised support service, providing the emotional and/or practical assistance to protect the emotional wellbeing of the child and family unit.

The RAPID TLC is the only immediate support service in Australia, acting within a 24-48 hour period, and doesn’t have ANY waiting lists.

 Here is a letter from the family:

 Dear Deb and the TLC for kids’ team,

 I just wanted to say that the girls were absolutely delighted with the iPad Mini and gift cards that you so generously gave them. Their faces just lit up, which was such a welcome to see after everything that they’d been through.

 The girls made a thank you poster for the TLC team, and wanted me to include it in the photo. There are a couple of photos but I will have to send them separate – I am not that clever on the phones! However I’m sure the girls will be able to teach me how to take much betters photos and send them along …………Thanks again for everything & best wishes.


TLC for kids story: Cathryn & Laura

TLC for kids story: George


George was 4yrs old.

He was only a little boy when he was diagnosed with Ependymoma, a malignant brain tumour.

Over a period of 18 months, he had undergone 5 surgeries, 4 cycles of chemotherapy, 7 weeks of radiotherapy, and countless medical investigations. He had in excess of 15 hospital admissions, and despite his series of visits, he maintained a strong desire to be a “normal” little boy, and “just like everyone else”.

Hospital staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital wanted to help George and his family as they were in certain financial distress, as well as emotional distress, and thought they could use some help with the cost of car hire and tickets to children’s activities for their upcoming Queensland holiday. George has been undergoing such demanding treatment that they were waiting for it to be completed before the break


TLC provided an activity package for their holiday to the Sunshine Coast, including tickets for all the family to the infamous Australia Zoo, plus a family pass to ‘Underwater World’ at Mooloolaba. Budget car hire was also booked which included 2 Booster seats and 1 Infant Child seat for George and his siblings, hoping to make their travel a more comfortable and affordable journey. They had a wonderful time!

George didn’t let medical treatment and illness get in the way of life. He commenced a wonderful year of 4year old kinder, and then started school which he loved.

Unfortunately his tumour then progressed, and he was forced to spend his first Easter school holidays at the Royal Children’s Hospital again, this time, undergoing 16 hours of serious brain surgery.

When he was eventually discharged, he developed complications, and was readmitted.

On this particular admission, the staff decided to contact TLC for kids for some more support.

TLC decided to cheer George up by delivering some amazing Lego. He had such a great time making a Fire station, a Fire truck, a Helicopter, a Fire boat and even a house on fire!

The Lego was a wonderful distraction for George during the many hours spent away from his home, his two little sisters, his friends and his school.

It brought a huge amount of pleasure to a little boy – thank you TLC.” – Hugh’s mum, May 2013.

Here is a letter form the family:

Dear Deb and the TLC for kids’ team,

George absolutely loved the Lego, it brought such a huge amount of pleasure to such a little boy. I have attached a couple of photos of him with the Lego. You can’t really tell by the photos that he has a huge smile on his face, because unfortunately he has extreme facial weakness post his last surgery, but let me assure you he has! You made his day and have once again brought some sunshine back into his life, during yet another hospital horrible admission.

Thank you for your kindness, it is sincerely appreciated.

TLC for kids story: George

TLC for kids story: ANGUS & ROBBIE

Angus & Robbie Photo Angus was a 4mth old baby diagnosed with a condition called Cerebral Irritability. This caused him to be very unsettled and extremely fractious. He would sometimes settle when he was rocked in his Mother’s arms, however it was very stressful to see him so upset and constantly crying. The constant crying and trying to settle little Angus was causing his Mother to become completely wrought with fatigue. A request came through from the hospital asking for TLC’s help: “…It would be lovely for (Mum) not to have to hold him all the time, and to find something else that might help him – perhaps a mechanical swing to create movement, and soothing music to put him to sleep.” Angus also had an older 3yr-old brother called Robbie*. Robbie was not coping with Angus being in hospital and being so far from home. The hospital recognised that Robbie would also benefit from a toy or something special just for him to take his mind off Angus’ absence. TLC provided a RAPID for Angus, being a Baby Rocker, which helped make him a little more comfortable with the gentle rocking and soothing music that it provided. They also included two full sets of batteries, in the hope of providing baby Angus with some freedom from the constraints of his health condition. TLC also included a few toys for Robbie, to make him feel extra special but to also provide some fun distraction while visiting Angus in hospital, as well as at home. We were so pleased to hear about the difference this made to the whole family… Here is a letter from the family:  Dear TLC for kids’ team,  In early November our little Angus was in the Royal Children’s Hospital for the 2nd time since his birth, undergoing further testing for rare neurodegenerative and metabolic disorder, called Cerebral Irritability. During this time of turmoil and chaos in our lives, it was just so wonderful to receive such generosity and kindness from you. You provided us with a baby swing to help nurse Angus during his unhappy times, and a swag of wonderful toys for Robbie, our 3year old, to enjoy. I can’t tell you how touched we were by this gesture, and how overwhelmed we were by your kindness. For the first time in months, Robbie felt really special and learnt to attribute fun with hospitals. It has been really hard on him too. I am so sorry it has taken us so long to thank you for your very generous gifts. We are eternally grateful. Thank you for making us smile again.

TLC for kids story: ANGUS & ROBBIE

TLC for kids CEO & Founder is the Australian of the Year – Local Hero 2014

We are very proud to announce that TLC for kids’ CEO & Founder, Tim Conolan, is Australia’s Local Hero for 2014. Here is a short video about TLC for kids and some of the inspirational people who are part of our cause to smile.

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Let’s make 2014 the Year of the Smile 😉
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Thinking of the perfect gift this Christmas?

Thinking of the perfect gift this Christmas?

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