Distraction™ Box Testimonials from Hospital Staff

“The TLC Distraction™ Boxes provide invaluable resources that are integral in effecting a positive (or at least less traumatic) experience for children, parents/carers and staff, in performing invasive experiments and procedures on children in the emergency department. By definition, such toys not only distract the child from the immediate treatment at hand, but from the greater stressful environment of the emergency department surrounding them.” (Royal Darwin Hospital)

“The TLC Distraction™ Boxes have proven to be wonderful for our immunisation clinics and programs. Thank you for your fantastic service; all the nurses and clients at Cooma and Jindabyne Community Health truly appreciate this unbelievable free service.” (Cooma and Jindabyne Community Health)

“A fantastic service provided, and an essential part of the treatment of paediatrics in our paediatric department. Thank you for continuing to provide these items and for making an emergency visit for children a little easier to cope with.” (Benalla and District Memorial Hospital)

“The TLC Distraction™ Box is very much a part of what we do now. While I’m unable to comment on reduction in pain relief, the difference it can make to the parents and children is clearly visible. Children who are so upset can often be distracted by and seem to settle more quickly after the injection.” (Queanbeyan Health Services)

Distraction™ Box Testimonials from Hospital Staff

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